[Paper] The Innovation Essence and Reforming Trend of “Internet+ Education”

 Chen Li
Abstract: “Interent+education” is one of the most popular words in the field of education reforming, which involves every planor speech on ICT in education. Usually, “Interent+education” is easily understood as “Internet education”, in fact, they are two differentconcepts in essence.“Interent+education” is a new phase of education reforming by ICT. Although “Interent+education” is the emergenceof new, it represents the general trend. This paper explores the innovation essence of “Internet+education” and predicts thereforming trend of “Internet+education”. It is important to pay attention on the challenges of education system under the backgroundof education informatization, and understand the essence of “Interent+education” exactly, so as to grasp the right direction and emphasisof education informatization and education reforming.
Keywords: Internet+education; MOOCs; Kehan academy; Flipped classroom; Grasp learning; Innovative service

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