[Paper] The Transformation Research of Education Supply in the Era of “Internet + ”

YU Shengquan   WANG Xiaofeng

With the rapid development of China’s economy and society,the demands for education quality,education fairness and comprehensive education reforms is on the rise,but the actual supplies of educational public services cannot meet the needs. With the further development of“Internet + education”,the technology of Internet can overcome the classic educational problems between education scale and individuality,fairness and quality,and offer highquality educational public services for the society,including the following six aspects: changing supply content,and providing new educational services that combined the virtual and real world; changing supply mode,and bringing precise and personalized educational services based on the whole learning process data; changing supply form,and realizing a new mode of social collaborative divisions; changing supply structure,and achieving the balance between general demands and individualized demands; changing supply management,and implementing multi-party participation in public management; changing supply supervision,and enforcing data-based real-time monitoring and early warning system. All of these transformations will create a new“Internet + ”educational ecology and form a new personalized

consumer-driven public services system of education.
Keywords: “Internet + Education”; education supply; educational public services; transformation research