[Project] Major Project of NSFC: “Demonstrated Research, Development and Application of Big Data of Basic Education”

    The field of big data of basic education in China, going through the start-up phase, boosts rapid development. And now we turn to building field standard, generic technology, qualified product, service mode and sharing-mechanism. Based on the big data offered by BNU, iFLYTEK CO.LTD and the teaching platform and resource undertaken by our national education data base, and revolving around the principle that “data serves as the base, platform serves as the support and analyze serves as core idea so that outcome will be necessary ” to develop ourselves, our project will actively seek new path for the development of government education data opening, other teaching progress mode and interaction mechanism to build a systemized demonstrated project for research and development of big data in China. And the project firstly unveiled the problem on the generation, application and evaluation of big data and created generic technology and standard, inferring to the data generation, storage, cleaning, analyze, application, sharing and management so that we will start regionally demonstrated application according to some realistic problems and development needs of basic education.