Salwa Mrayhi:慕课:个性化学习路径丨GSE2022学生论坛


Salwa Mrayhi,突尼斯虚拟大学博士生(突尼斯)


突尼斯虚拟大学Salwa Mrayhi认为,师生无法通过数字化学习环境实现有效的学习是一大危机,政府和学校需要实施数字化学习环境战略。 她提出要为教师提供丰富的工具和必要的培训,并与团队设计了一个大规模自适应在线开放课程(MOOC)的系统设计框架,旨在为学生提供个性化学习支持,提高学习效率。


Salwa Mrayhi (Tunisia),Ph.D. student, Virtual University of Tunisia

Salwa Mrayhi, PhD student at the Virtual University of Tunisia and a researcher in pedagogy and didactics, believes that the inability of teachers and students to learn effectively in a digital environment is a serious crisis which requires governments and educational institutions to implement a digital learning environment strategy. She considered giving teachers access to innovative and sophisticated technologies as well as the essential training in instructional design and teaching modalities. In addition,  She suggested creating a massive open online course (MOOC) with the goal of offering personalized learning, as well as pedagogical and technical support, to the participants in the educational contract (students, teachers, and administrative staff) in order to increase the effectiveness of their learning.