Oluwatayo Israel Olasunkanmi:创新学习方法以应对学习危机丨GSE2022学生论坛


Oluwatayo Israel Olasunkanmi,重庆大学博士后(尼日利亚)


Oluwatayo Israel Olasunkanmi认为,全球教育发发展不均衡是目前面临的学习危机之一。当前,世界上低收入国家的很多适龄儿童不具备基本的阅读和数字技能,教师无法得到应有的支持和发展。他提出,需要加强全球合作,采用数字化学习来促进教育公平,针对低收入国家的学习者进行21世纪技能的培养。


Oluwatayo Israel Olasunkanmi (Nigeria)Post-doctor, Chongqing University

Oluwatayo Israel Olasunkanmi pointed out that the uneven quality of education in various countries in the world is one of the current learning crises. In particular, many school-age children in low-income countries do not have the basic skills of reading and calculating numbers. Moreover, teachers cannot get the support and development they deserve. He believed that it is necessary to strengthen global cooperation, adopt digital learning to promote education equity, and train 21st-century skills for learners in low-income countries.