Muganga Allan:利用科技提高乌干达农村学生的学习能力丨GSE2022学生论坛


Muganga Allan,西南大学数学教育硕士生(乌干达)


Muganga Allan指出,城乡教育不均衡、教师严重不足是乌干达普遍面临的学习危机。在乌干达,有的农村小学只有一位老师教授所有课程,甚至有不少学生在树下上课,遇到下雨课程就会取消。他认为,农村地区亟需基本的设施和网络环境,并提供足够的老师来确保学生接受正规教育。世界各国需要团结合作,推动实现“确保包容和公平的优质教育,让全民终身享有学习机会”这一目标。


Muganga Allan (Uganda), Postgraduate student, Southwest University

Muganga Allan mentioned that the imbalance in education between urban and rural areas, and the serious shortage of teachers were the common challenges of the learning crises in Uganda. Some rural primary schools have only one teacher to teach all subjects, and even many students still have classes under trees. When it rains, lessons will be cancelled. He held that rural areas need basic facilities and Internet access, as well as enough teachers to ensure students to receive formal education. All countries in the world need to work together to achieve the goal of “ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all”.