Shorif Mollah:提升农村学的可持续发展能力丨GSE2022学生论坛


Shorif Mollah,北京师范大学教育学部博士生(孟加拉)


Shorif Mollah认为,孟加拉等发展中国家普遍面临的学习危机是缺少优质的学习资源,尤其是农村地区,教学基本就是教师的口述和听写过程,培养不了学生的可持续发展能力。



Shorif Mollah (Bangladesh), Ph.D. student, Beijing Normal University

Shorif Mollah mentioned that the lack of high-quality learning resources was a learning crisis in Bangladesh and other developing countries. Especially in rural areas, teaching is basically a teacher's oral and dictation process, which cannot cultivate students' sustainable development ability. He introduced an Open Educational Resources (OER) research project, and emphasized the importance of OER in achieving quality education for all and promoting the sharing of educational resources. With the help of digital platforms, the project can effectively solve the problems in the process of knowledge sharing, and help learners to better learn and practice.