Khutso Tania Segooa:整合资源实现全纳教育——南非案例丨GSE2022学生论坛


Khutso Tania Segooa,美国福特汉姆大学经济学硕士生(南非)


Khutso Tania Segoo指出, 南非特殊学校的学生学习缺失比较严重,不具备就业所需的基本读写技能。她认为,残障人士应该被纳入主流学校,与非残障人士在一起学习和交流。她设计了一款融入形象化元素的APP,支持言语障碍儿童理解、表达和交流,希望以此作为言语障碍儿童与老师和同学互动的桥梁。她希望未来残障儿童数量大幅减少,残障儿童能在学校学到各种有用的技能,更好地融入社会。


Khutso Tania Segooa (South Africa), Postgraduate student, Fordham University

Khutso Tania Segooa highlighted that the students in special schools in South Africa had a serious lack of learning and did not have the basic reading and writing skills required for employment, which was a major crisis. She held that the disabled should be included in mainstream schools to study and communicate with the non-disabled. She proposed an APP with visual elements to support the understanding, expression and communication of speech-impaired children, and she hopes to use the APP as a bridge for interaction between speech-impaired children and teachers as well as classmates. She hopes that the restriction of disabled children in education will be greatly reduced in the future, and that they can learn various useful skills in school to have better opportunities in the society.